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Enter the ORDER page, and fill in the basic information which you want on your new ID: Photo, State, Name, Date of birth,  Height, Weight, etc.

All unpleasant experiences or online scams start with payment. Years of working experience, we know that payment is extremely critical, so our website supports Paypal and Credit/Debit card payment methods. This means that if you have paid for the goods but we do not ship them, or do not respond in time, or the goods are detained by customs, or the goods are significantly different from our description, you may request a free redo or refund, and we accept such reasonable requests to  make your purchase without worry.

In addition, we also support Western union, Bitcoin, BankTransfer. If you encounter any problems in the payment process, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

We will receive your order as soon as you have made the payment. Soon professionals will check whether the information you submitted is accurate, please ensure that your contact information on our website is available and efficient, because if there is a problem with the information, we will contact you to modify. Of course, if the information is correct, production can begin.

Your card will be produced within 5 days of the promised time. If you are in a particularly urgent situation, please contact us for expedited production, which only takes 2-3 days. Photo of id card will be given to you for confirmation after production, including front and back photos with positive light and black light, followed by tracking number.

We will send the product after confirming that the information is correct with you.

A. If you need it urgently, please choose Fast Shipping as your shipping method, and then you will receive the card within 6-8 days (Because the receiving time is different at different addresses, the specific receiving time is determined according to the receiving address you provided.)

B. If you are not in such a hurry, you can choose our standard service. The delivery is free and the time limit is 12-15 days.

Find it hard to place orders? Contact us for quick processing!

All kinds of ID products

DL, SSN, Vaccine card, etc.

We do many kinds of ID products well, such as DL, SSN, Vaccine card, and the products cover all states in the United States. The best thing is that our ID version is always updated by the newest real ones, and on our website, you can choose new or old version to purchase.
In order to meet customers’ daily needs, more hot products are coming soon, Canadian IDs, Graduation Certificate, Vaccine Card, etc.
The production process is operating under strict QC standard, which can ensure that every card going out from here reaches 100% of the quality and speed we promised to our customers.

1-2 weeks get your IDs

There is no doubt that we are the most efficient in the industry. At any time, there are at least two kinds of customers: one is to be affordable, the other is to be quick, so we provide two kinds of services respectively.
The average time limit, for reference only, NOT 100%:
A.Fast shipping: 5 days or sooner for production, extra 6-8 days for delivery
B.Free shipping: 5 days or sooner for production, extra 12-15 days for delivery
In the past 10 years, our products have been used all over the USA and CAN, and have been highly praised by customers and become one of the most popular IDmakers.

Over ten years of production experience

Quality Assurance

We are an old man in this business for more than 10 years. As one of the few producers in the world, our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has high-end production equipment such as heidelberg printing machine set, exposure machine, etching machine, electroplating machine and measuring machine. After more than ten years’ precipitation, we not only have an experienced professional team, but also continuously introduce highly educated and high-quality young talents to meet the constantly updated market.

One-stop shopping

Fast and efficient

Thanks to our professional technical team, with the help of the Ordering system, payment system, automatic mailing system, production management system, we have the most convenient and efficient one-stop experience here.
So that you can place orders directly and complete the payment without the help of the customer service. At the same time, we also support 24/7 online service. Any assistance you need, just contact us by clicking our Customer Support System icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Excellent payment methods support

Safe and Convenient

We support payment methods such as Paypal, Credit/debit Card, CashApp, Bitcoin (the same as USDT), Western Union.
If you are visiting our website for the first time, you may have a lot of doubts, and even you have had unpleasant buying experiences in other fake ID websites. For example, what if I have placed an order and you haven’t received it? If I have already paid, what if you don’t deliver the goods? What if the package is detained by the customs or lost on the way? What if the card I receive is of poor quality or cannot be scanned?
How do you ensure the safety of my transaction?
For new customers like you, we strongly recommend that you use Paypal or Credit/Debit card to pay, so as to ensure that your money can be safe when shit happens.

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100% scannable

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There is no doubt that I can find the best website to get an artificial ID card for myself! I really didn't expect the quality of work to be so good, but your people did it.

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